Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bring Down These Walls


For all my life I lived with this one kind of ' I don't care attitude. People always ask me '"Why aro ? why can't you go by the system ??Act normal"!! Well ! To tell the truth I am intrigued myself about the amount of hypocrisy that goes into the making of every system and those abide by it. most things here seem to designed and preached in hallucination. For eg - Parents know teenagers self stimulate; they still advise and behave in such a way as if it is the greatest blasphemy, the worst part is the fact that even they had played themselves in their teens too...!! Or look at this society where it creates the most fashionable dresses for women by cutting out meters of cloth from the very same dress. And girls caught wearing them are flatly pronounced by society as sluts!!! The worst part is that the ones who call them these, love to see them in ' the next best thing to jockey'. Forgive me here the point I am coming to is neither whether I self stimulate nor whether I love girls clothes off(I leave you to answer those questions)!! The bitter truth is look around you; The society and the social being contradicts themselves. We tell lies when we are afraid of the truth i.e we hate to come in terms with it. What is our society afraid of?? What is it that people hate to come in terms with??
Intriguing is it not!!!!!!!! That's what I said first!!!
Imagine yourself in a garden what u see is an array of tulips, marigold, roses and flamboyant orchids. In the background someone on a piano is playing Yanni's song. There as if in slow motion you see this small white butterfly fluttering its wings against the rose petals. Pause the clip for a second and think!! Its wishes are simple, drink down the nectar when hungry and when it's time to mate- mate!! In the end it weathers down its wings and sleeps forever. Simple!!! Now the society comes up and says" Marriage, screwing your spouse and making children are not the only goals of humans-' the supreme status holders among animals'!! "....Hmmmm..Look into the eyes of the very same society. They see bachelors ( especially women ) as if they have some defects or are incompetent.

It is tragedy that seems to be confronting the society, we live in. Young people head stuffed with figures and facts, go about in the world laid down with sorrow and despair. What we are trying to do is to run away from our inner sense of dejection by loudly proclaiming the glories of our age. Yet a superficial review of the society will provide a melancholy reading.The pleasing surface of the society and ourself is like the painted beauty of a prostitute in the shaded street at dusk which under closer observation reveals the abhorrence that often lies beneath. I am neither cynic nor pessimist. I have only painted a realistic picture of ourselves and the society, we have built out of the spoils of our own confused intellect. The edifice of life stands bereft on the cement of love haunted by ghosts of illusions and devils of misery. Inside the chamber of this edifice to inhibit one thought of freedom has become the greatest blasphemy one can penetrate.

Happiness is always associated with the freedom we enjoy...In the sense- Either we are free from the shackles of life or we are free to express ourselves into the world. For instance my happiest moments in life are
1) When I go home and see love gushing from my mama's eyes to find me back.
2) My first kiss!! When my love came close to my lips, her breath that swept past my face.....God it felt Heavens!!!!
3) When I am at hostel enjoying the limitless freedom with friends
4) When I saw lamp being lighted during the inauguration of PRAGNJA
All those children who have read Harry Potter series, I am sure must have imagined at least once if they could fly on a broom stick. But we have fallen into an inexplicable misunderstanding. We identify ourselves to be one or another of extra illusionary envelopments.

Society is ever dancing in confusion seeking after profusions of desire. One moment we think of ourselves to be mere body searching for its comforts. Now we are a bundle of sentiments and emotions, at another moment vibrant and dynamic, we follow an ideology that society has dictated and at other rare moments we crackle to break the shackles of life and conquer the spirit. Each of the personalities in us demands its individual satisfaction on one side we need a wife who is traditional, cultured, shameful and presentable as per society norms. At the very same time we want her to talk dirty and flex boldly in the bed with us. In each one of us there seem to be a multi headed personality. Each head demanding its own satisfaction. It's like in the very same hostel I love rum and my hostel mates prefer brandy and whiskey. As soon as one of the many personalities has found its happiness, the others revolt in dissatisfaction. And thus the hydra headed monster seek happiness by drinking from single brand when there are many parched throats each demanding an entirely different beverage.

Acquiring and spending we lay waste our powers. Each of us seek the same goal. We all want unadulterated, unbroken, absolute joy and peace. In this struggle for learning and spending we are driven from one desire to another by the eternal and universal urge to reach perfection. We become exhausted, dejected and disappointed amid the uproar of thousand unsatisfied yearning.......Then one day we leave our physical body............What a cruel end !!!

But then our multiple personalities need not dishearten us. Instead these facts should encourage to venture forth into a close and more diligent observation in life. We should take effort in dissociating ourselves from false attachments and wrong identifications with this illusionary society and rediscover ourselves to be in essence of nothing but the boundless spirit of freedom. Rediscovering the spirit of freedom does not only end all our confusion and our sense of imperfection but it is an ascent into that supreme animal state.

I have often noticed people building walls along their hearts. When asked they reply" There is lots love that came in. And I don't to lose it". Bring down these walls my friends !! bring down these walls!! You will realize that what was inside goes to everyone for sure, but then when love comes it floods you from all sides

Today may be its just a dream where all the people are in that ascent state where there is no bound for love and freedom and all are masters of all the circumstances and situations around & within us. Let's offer our illusions and hypocrisies to the fires of our free thoughts and peace. Blind faith born of fear and thriving in ignorance is a veritable chain of slavery. Freedom and free thoughts alone leads an edge and gives a positive direction in our quest for joy and peace!!!

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  1. buddy...
    the idea u want to convey is clear though u seem to deviate at times....but i personally b'lev that the freedom lurks in only wen u starts enjoy ur 'small shackles' as the expression of care...wen u start to understand the space around u u'll find more freedom around u to work, to think and to love....
    pls take care of ur language....